project synopsis

Hitting Rock Bottom tells the real stories of real people and their struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, how they hit rock bottom and strive toward recovery. Each season explores one individual’s life, from the backstory that makes them vulnerable, the glamour that seduces them, through their darkest moment, and as they ultimately triumph by recovering against all odds. The true stories portrayed by Hitting Rock Bottom offer drama and excitement through razor sharp docu-drama storytelling, and a sense of hope for the characters you will be rooting for throughout each season of the show.

director’s statement

Hitting Rock Bottom is very personal to me.  In recovery, I was moved by the stories others shared. They were dramatic and funny and made us all cry, and we all hugged. Hearing these stories week after week was very healing. The stories could also serve as education for others who have no experience at all with addiction.  All people, no matter what stage of life they are in -- struggling with substance dependency, in recovery, or close to someone dealing with addiction could benefit.  Stories of addiction and recovery are inherently dramatic but always hopeful as the fallen hero always gets back on his horse. Every story ends on a high note, even if you can’t see it coming. Getting sober, and staying that way, is a real triumph. There is help and hope for all of us -- that is my message.

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