About the Filmmakers

Corey Snyder (director/writer/producer/executive producer) studied video production at the Art Institute in Houston, Texas, then moved to Dallas to begin his career in visual effects. But his passion soon led him to New York City, where he completed the certificate program in filmmaking at New York University and then worked his way up from electric to cinematographer. Corey has worked on more than 40 short films, 20 music videos, and 3 features, also adding writing, directing, and editing to his credits, all the while freelancing for production and post-production houses such as Reelfx, Leftfield Pictures, and Shilo. As a content creator, Corey wrote and produced a reality TV pilot, a pilot pitch of another show (both of which are currently being shopped to various networks), and is co-developing a sitcom with a team of improv comedians from Upright Citizens Brigade. His heart and soul is Hitting Rock Bottom, a docu-drama about addiction and recovery, and a culmination of all his experiences in filmmaking. It took many years -- working for free just for the experience, starting at the bottom over and over again, stocking up on canned soup at a 2-for-1 sale, and eating them for a month -- to make Hitting Rock Bottom, a show with a purpose.

After two years of developing the show on his own, Corey was joined by his partner JJ Ko (producer, executive producer) who helped bring the concept to reality. From the day they met, Corey talked passionately about the project, and it was that common passion for storytelling and desire for helping people that forged their relationship. JJ grew up in Washington Heights, New York, in the 80s and 90s when it was commonly known as “Drug Capital USA.” She was no stranger to the devastation that addiction and abuse has on the individual and communities. As a witness to the strife around her, and later dealing with her own emotional struggles, JJ turned to poetry to channel her inner and outer turmoil. Her poetry later turned to songwriting and in the fall of 2011, just before getting involved in Hitting Rock Bottom, she finished recording her first EP. In Hitting Rock Bottom, she saw a way to not only understand the darker human experiences but to help those experiencing the darkness see the hope of recovery. JJ’s daytime occupation is in corporate social responsibility, with more than a decade of experience, and corporate communications.

As with all great endeavors, behind the scenes of Hitting Rock Bottom is a team of collaborators and supporters. Corey and JJ are joined by writers David Powers and Robert Young, cinematographer and executive producer Jonathan Baudoin, marketing producer Lila Yomtoob, and a cast and crew of more than fifty hard-working, passionate people, to make this show a labor of passion and purpose for all those involved.